Important Laundering Basics

For your Egyptian Cotton, Micro-Modal or Bamboo bedding and towels.

For best results and longevity treat your fine bed linens and towels as you would your best clothing.

WASHER  Luke warm or cool water….NEVER HOT…..don’t overload.

Wash bed linens separately from towels and other items which could scour the surface of your bed linens.

MILD SOAP Always use small amounts of a gentle soap….ivory-liquid is highly recommended, Zero, or a special linen wash. Never use soap with bleaching agents as in most Tide, Sunlight, Cheer etc….Never use bleach. Never use woolite on bed linens or towels.

NO FABRIC SOFTNER No liquid or dryer sheets.


DRYER Moderate or perma-press temperature …..NEVER HOT….don’t overdry


  • Hot temperatives in washer and/or dryer shrink and damage all fabric fibres

  • Use above recommended gentle soaps without any bleaching agents….don’t use bleach or color-safe bleach or bleach for the unbleachables . Don’t use woolite; good for wool but makes other fabrics feel wooly

  • Soap residue seriously affects the feel of the fabric so thorough rinsing is very important

  • Fabric softeners provide no benefit; you’re eliminating chemicals and fabric damage-use of fabric softeners also affects absorbency of towels.

  • Overloading washer affects washing and especially the rinsing process. For minimal wrinkling in dryer, give space to fluff up

  • Wash bed linens separately from towels, blue jeans, socks etc…. so rougher surfaces are not scrubbing against fine linens. Wash whites and colored separately

  • Over drying is hard on fabric and will “iron in “wrinkles…..remove from dryer immediately, smooth an d fold.