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Ever wonder how beds in advertising and in magazines look so perfect but no matter how much effort you put in to making your bed it seems flat. It may look flat because unlike any other part of the house you are considering only function and have forgotten about form.


 The function of a bed is to provide comfort while sleeping and resting. The form of the bed is too provide the environment that comforts your mind and soul when you are in the room. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive.


  • Fitted sheet as a barrier between the mattress and the sleeper

  • Duvet to provide warmth

  • Duvet cover to protect the duvet

  • Pillow per person to provide comfort for the sleeper's head


If this is the list that you have on your bed, congratulations you have achieved the minimalist style. If you were not trying to, help is coming.



In addition to the items required for basic function, to add life to your bedroom you should consider:

  • A bed skirt to cover the box spring and dust bunnies lurking under your bed or if you have a bed with side rails at least a second fitted sheet to cover the box spring

  • A flat sheet to provide added protection for the duvet cover (you do not have to wash the cover as much and thus will not fade as fast).

  • A second layer of pillows (2 more for a total of 4)

  • Use pillow shams to cover the second layer of pillows. Shams are more decorative and usually have flanges or ruffles that allow them to be seen when placed behind the pillowcases

Now your bed should be starting to take shape and should be pleased to look at. However, if you like to do things in grand style there are many options that you can add to your bedroom.

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